The main focus of my research is to improve outcomes following frostbite injury. I have been PI on a prospective-observational study of frostbite outcomes at our high-volume center for over 10 years. This has resulted in numerous novel publications assessing factors that impact frostbite outcomes. My work in this field has led me to be an invited session lead for the frostbite session at the American Burn Association State of the Science Conference and a lead for the clinical practice guidelines group of the American Burn Association for the treatment and management of frostbite injury. 

Frostbite Research

Frostbite can result in debilitating injuries leading to life-long disabilities. Minnesota has a harsh winter climate with temperatures frequently dropping below -20 F and with wind chills it can be below -50 F. Our frostbite studies at Hennepin Healthcare have resulted in numerous publications and presentations nationally and regionally. 

Want to use the Hennepin Frostbite Score in your research? Link to PDF

Hennepin Frostbite Score PDF

Ongoing and recently completed projects I would like to highlight

1. Nygaard RM. Frostbite in January - Amputate in July: Do non-high volume centers practice watchful waiting for surgical management following frostbite injury? World Trauma Congress. Tokyo, Japan 2023

2. Coward A, Dahl R, Freese R, Schmitz K, Endorf FW, Lumbard D, Nygaard RM. Eye of the Beholder: Does Visual Assessment in Severe Frostbite Accurately Predict Need for Thrombolytics? Podium presentation. ABA 2023 meeting.

3. Frostbite: Current Controversies and Cares. 2023 American Burn Association Meeting Course Director

4. Nygaard RM. Frostbite Management: Moving Forward at a Glacial Pace but Time Matters for Best Outcomes. Midwestern Burn Conference. Invited Speaker. October 2022

5. American Burn Association Frostbite Clinical Practice Guidelines Committee Co-Lead

6. Frostbite State of the Science – American Burn Association Co-Lead
7. Total Burn Care, 6th edition. Frostbite chapter Co-Author